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Proudly helping customers protect their Brand Images for over 40 years.

We offer superior paints with excellent mildew resistance, color and gloss retention, as well as corrosion resistance. Acrylithane’s high performance technology can reduce your maintenance cycle by 2-3 times to significantly lower your total cost of ownership.

  1. Imaging Products

    Acrylic Urethane Catalyzed Coatings

    Acrylithane HS2 Urethane Topcoat 57010 or 57011

    Acrylithane HS4 Urethane 645J1 & 645J2

    Hempathane HS 55610


    Primers for Factory Finished ACM & Canopy Deck Ceilings

    Ureprime HS2 Epoxy Urethane Primer 15040

    Ureprime HS4 Epoxy Urethane Primer 15050

    Hempaprime Multi 500


    Primers/Barrier Coats for Stonex, Brick, Galvanized Metal & Aluminum

    Multi-Grip II Acrylic Latex Primer 181JB


    Primers/Barrier Coats for Previously Painted Surfaces

    Stantest 2.8 Multi-Purpose Primer 123JB


    Alkyd Single Component Touch Up Options for Bollards

    Stantest 2.8 Multi-Purpose Primer 123JB

    Stantest 2.8 Low VOC Alkyd Enamel 523JB


    Aerosol Touch Up Options, Single Component (no mixing required)

    Rust-Not HP Acrylic Latex Paint

    BI-O-PLEX Water Reducible Enamel 58BJB

    Stantest 2.8 Low VOC Alkyd Enamel 523JB

    Stantest 2.8 Low VOC Enamel Sparkle Silver


    Miscellaneous Alkyd Products for Manhole Covers, etc.

    Stantest 2.8 Low VOC Alkyd Enamel 523JB

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