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Jones-Blair Company was acquired by Hempel in February 2015 and completed the full product brand transition to Hempel in September of 2018.

On this webpage you will find easy access to the products historically sold under Jones-Blair Industrial. You can also search our product finder for the full range of Hempel products. 

Read our customer communication about the brand packaging transition.

  1. Alkyd Rust Inhibitive Primer

  2. Epoxy Primers

  3. Specialty Primers

  4. Urethane Primers

  5. Zinc Rich Primers

  6. Water Based Primers

  7. Enamel Finish Coats

  8. Epoxy Finish Coats

  9. Urethane Finish Coats

  10. Imaging Solutions

  11. NEOGARD Commercial Construction

    Hempel's NEOGARD commercial construction products have been specified and used on prestigious projects around the world by leading architects, engineers and consultants for over 50 years. Our line of coating systems protect the building envelope through vehicular and pedestrian traffic coatings, protective roof coatings, seamless flooring and elastomeric wall coatings.

    Visit the NEOGARD website for more detailed information on our commercial construction solutions at: www.neogard.com.


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