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When you need excellent outdoor performance with a gloss and color that will last for very long time, our Hempaxane coatings won’t let you down.

Based on siloxane chemistry for unbeatable outdoor color stability and high gloss retention, Hempaxane is an excellent finishing coat for the protection of steel structures in severely corrosive atmospheric conditions.

Our Hempaxane coatings are ideal for bridges, transport centers, stadiums, skyscrapers and other buildings where long-lasting color resistance, aesthetics and corrosion protection are a must. They will ensure you benefit from longer asset lifecycles and efficient maintenance, even in severely corrosive environments.

High color retention and corrosive protection
Hempaxane gives a glossy and robust finish to almost any coating system. It can be used with a range of anti-corrosive primers and/or intermediates, including zinc epoxies and other high-performance anti-corrosive coatings, and is also an ideal finishing coat in intumescent passive fire protection systems.

A high performance low-VOC coating
Our Hempaxane product range includes Hempaxane Light 55030, a two-component, high-solids, high-gloss, polysiloxane enamel with excellent gloss and color retention. A low-VOC gloss finishing coat, Hempaxane Light 55030 can be used for both new construction and maintenance in severely corrosive atmospheric conditions, and gives you excellent outdoor performance in an environmentally friendly solution.


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