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In conditions where your assets and equipment take a real beating, our Hempadur range of advanced epoxy coatings bring you reliable and proven anti-corrosive performance.

Based on advanced epoxy technology, Hempadur coatings provide excellent long-term protection of steel in even the toughest environments. They are ideal for steel structures and equipment where long maintenance intervals are a priority, such as civil buildings, offshore installations, chemical plants and power generation facilities. 

A full range of advanced epoxy coatings
Our Hempadur range includes primers, intermediates, tank linings and pipe coatings that protect your assets against a range of corrosive elements, from seawater and harsh chemicals to abrasion and high temperatures.

Hempadur coatings can be used as primers or intermediates in anti-corrosive coating systems with a polyurethane, acrylic or non-isocyanate topcoat. They can also be used as primers in passive fire protection systems that require advanced corrosion prevention.

Our Hempadur range includes:

AvantguardĀ® activated zinc primers: Based on our patented activated zinc technology, Hempadur Avantguard zinc epoxy primers deliver significantly higher galvanic corrosion protection than zinc epoxies without Avantguard.

Holding primers: A full range of holding primers for C3-C5 corrosive environments.

Zinc phosphates: A full range of inhibitor effect coatings, including Hempadur Fast Dry 17410, an extremely flexible coating for mild to severely corrosive environments.

Intermediates: Our range of barrier effect coatings includes Hempadur Mastic 45880, a tough coating that cures at low temperatures.

Tank linings: Designed to protect your tank and limit cross-contamination between cargoes, our full range of tank linings includes high-performance Hempadur 85671.

Heavy-duty coatings: Hardwearing coatings, including Hempadur Multistrength GF 3587A, to protect against heavy impacts and abrasion.

Pipe coatings: Smooth coatings that reduce drag resistance, including HS Gas Pipe Coating 87831.


See the available Hempadur product assortment.

  1. AvantguardĀ® activated zinc primers

    Hempadur Avantguard is a new range of innovative anti-corrosion primers, which reduces the effects of corrosion and offers advanced protection. Based on activated zinc, the Avantguard technology not only improves the galvanic protection but also increases the barrier properties and create a powerful inhibition effect.

    Redefining protection with reduced rust creep and enhanced corrosion protection
    Redefining durability with improved mechanical strength
    Redefining productivity with greater working tolerances in different climatic conditions and with high DFTs

    The Hempadur Avantguard® product range includes:

    • Hempadur Avantguard 550
    • Hempadur Avantguard 750



  2. Holding primers

    Our range of Hempadur holding primers are two-component coatings, ensuring your surfaces will not corrode during the surface preparation before applying the first coating layer. They are ideal for anti-corrosive systems specified for C3-C5 corrosive environments (C5 without using zinc-rich primers), giving you faster flow in the surface preparation and enhancing efficiency.
  3. Zinc phosphate coatings

    Our zinc phosphate coatings provide anti-corrosion performance through the inhibitor effect. The range includes Hempadur Fast Dry 17410 which can be used as a primer in mild to medium atmospheric environments and as an intermediate or finishing coat in epoxy systems in medium to severely corrosive atmospheric environments.
  4. Intermediate coatings

    Our range of intermediate coatings protect your steel structures through the barrier effect, preventing water and oxygen from reaching the steel. Hempadur Mastic 45880 for example, is an excellent intermediate to be used in either two- or three-coat systems, forming a hard and tough coating with good wetting properties and low temperature curing.
  5. Tank linings

    Our tanks lining assortment provide dual protection in cargo tanks, protecting the steel from being affected by the cargo and preventing the cargo from being contaminated. The range includes:

    • Hempadur 35530, which works especially well as a lining in potable water tanks and potable water pipelines.
    • Hempadur 85671, an epoxy phenolic resistant to very aggressive cargos.


  6. Heavy duty abrasion resistant coatings

    Having excellent impact and abrasion resistance, this range of coatings are especially well-suited for off-shore splash zones such as helicopter deck on FPSOs and platforms. The assortment includes Hempadur Multistrength 3587A, with very good impact and abrasion resistance and good corrosion resistance to sea water, mineral oils, aliphatic hydrocarbons and splashes from petrol or related products. Suitable for early water exposure and continues to cure under water.
  7. Pipe coatings

    Designed for carrying of dry, sweet gas, our pipe coatings are designed to reduce the drag resistance by making the pipe walls smoother, improving the flow efficiency. Our assortment includes Hempel's HS Gas Pipe Coating 87831.


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