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A range of corrosion-preventing zinc silicate coatings, our Galvosil primers offer excellent anti-corrosive performance and longer asset lifecycles in extremely harsh environments.

Our Galvosil range of inorganic zinc primers has been designed with durability in mind to ensure you benefit from longer asset lifetimes and efficient maintenance. Based on zinc silicate chemistry, Galvosil primers provide advanced corrosion prevention for steel structures in harsh environments, such as bridges, airports, offshore wind turbines, containers, power stations, oil & gas installations, and tanks and storage facilities.

Galvosil coatings can be used as the main primer in an anti-corrosive coating system, and can be combined with a wide range of intermediates and topcoats, including intumescent passive fire protection coatings.

Our Galvosil coatings can also be used as a robust single-coat solution for tank linings, providing reliable protection against a wide range of chemicals to both stop corrosion and maintain your cargo’s purity.


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