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Hempel's zinc rich epoxy Avantguard is a new innovative anti-corrosion technology, based on activated zinc and locked into our new range of high performance protective coatings.

The development of Avantguard
At Hempel we constantly question conventional wisdom. One of the questions we asked was, "How much of the zinc in zinc epoxy primer coatings actually has a significant anti-corrosion effect?"

Experiments showed that the zinc was not fully utilized, only the zinc in 1-1.2 mils (20-30 microns) closest to the steel – only about a third of normal coating thickness.

This result led to more questions:

  • How can we secure a higher utilization of the Zinc present in Zinc primers?
  • Can we improve the barrier and inhibition properties of Zinc Rich primers?
  • Can we improve the mechanical strength without lowering the anti-corrosive properties?

These questions were the start of an exciting journey towards a ground breaking activated zinc technology that would do just this.

How the Avantguard technology works
Avantguard is a new innovative anti-corrosion technology based on activated zinc that combines three anti-corrosion mechanisms all in one coating:

  • Effective barrier properties through a high tendency to form zinc salts throughout the film and with low water permeability right from the start
  • Improved galvanic effect through a high tendency to form zinc salts in the scribe area
  • Powerful inhibition effect through the ability to capture chloride ions in the coating

In addition, Avantguard enables improved mechanical properties that lower internal stress during operation.


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