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HEMPALINE PREPARE 170 is a two-component, moisture-tolerant, epoxy novolac elastomer with excellent chemical resistance and physical properties. It is particularly resistant to strong alkalis, moderate-strong mineral acids, mild oxidizers and salts. It has excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates including concrete, tile, brick, and metal. It will also bond to epoxy, vinyl ester and polyurethane-based floor toppings and coatings. Its exceptionally high strength makes it an excellent choice for joints exposed to frequent vehicular traffic and heavy load traffic to minimize breakdown of the shoulders of the joint.

Area of use

As an expansion and control joint sealant ideal for use in areas where typical expansion joint applications include dairy and meat processing plant brick floors, chemical processing floors, food and beverage plants, warehouse floors and assembly plant areas. Also used in conjunction with Viton-based coatings for very severe chemical exposures.




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