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Cargo Tanks

With a full range of pure epoxy, phenolic epoxy and zinc silicate coatings, Hempel can protect any cargo tank from even the most chemically aggressive cargoes.

During their service life, cargo tanks transport a wide range of liquid cargoes, from crude oil and refined products to in-organic chemicals. As a result, they need a coating solution that not only protects the steel from corrosive cargoes, but also removes any danger of contamination from previous cargoes. 
The tank coating also needs to offer full cargo sequencing flexibility to accommodate the various transportation patterns of each vessel.
Tank coating product range
Hempel offers a full range of pure epoxy, phenolic epoxy and zinc silicate tank coatings. 
Find the coating for you 
The right coating system depends on the cargoes being carried and typical cargo sequences. To find the perfect solution for your vessel, check our Online Cargo Protection Guide, or contact our technical team.


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Cargo Protection Guide

The Cargo Protection Guide provides information on the resistance of Hempel's cargo tank coatings as well as how to maintain this resistance for the longest possible period of operation

Cargo Protection Guide