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Protective Service

Your business, our expertise – a performance partnership

Hempel Service puts our unique coating expertise at the heart of the coating process, with coating advisors supporting and managing coating selection, application and maintenance in the most cost-efficient way to maximise the effectiveness and durability of every protective coating.

Why use Hempel Service?

  • Reduce application costs

  • Reduce lost revenue from asset downtime

  • Avoid delays and penalty costs

Which Hempel service is right for you?
With multiple levels of service, it’s easy to find the right solution for your business   

  1. Standard coating advisory

    Reduce total maintenance costs

      Offers a moderate degree of on-site monitoring and project oversight. Our expert coating advisor visits your site at the beginning of the process and returns to inspect the final quality. A coating report is issued after each site visit

    Your benefits

    • Reduce long-term maintenance costs and time

    • Ensure coating quality

    Read more in our Protective services brochure

  2. Premium coating advisory

      Reduce asset downtime

      Offers complete coating application oversight and advice during the entire project. We work with you from start to finish, offering a combination of full-time project support and detailed inspection documentation. We issue daily reports so you can track progress.

      Your benefits

      • Reduce asset downtime
      • Optimise the life of your coating system
      • Make informed decision throughout the process

      Read more in our Protective services brochure

  3. Production line survey

    Reduce operational costs

    Provides a detailed overview of your production capabilities. With an expert coating advisor on hand to review your procedures, documentation, specifications, quality control and process flow, we offer recommendations that can save money and time in your production.

    Your benefits

    • Keep your operational costs down
    • Ensure your production runs as efficiently as possible
    • Solve production line issues
    • Optimise the life of your coatings

    Read more in our Protective services brochure

  4. Condition survey

    Reduce long-term maintenance costs

    A condition survey evaluates the condition of the structure and/or the existing coating system to identify causes of possible failure and plan any necessary maintenance. 

    Your benefits

    • Reduce long-term maintenance costs by dealing with issues early
    • Extend your assets service time by ensuring correct maintenance is carried out on time

    Read more in our Protective services brochure

Get started with Hempel Service

If you would like to know more about our services for the protective industry and how they can improve your efficiency, contact your local Hempel office.


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Your business, our expertise – a performance partnership, view for further information
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