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North America

Corrosion protection for onshore wind turbines

A part of the wind generation industry since 1980, Hempel offers a wide assortment of coating systems designed to protect onshore wind turbines from the corrosion for longer.

As a specified supplier to the wind energy industry, Hempel coatings can be found on more than 25,000   turbines across the globe from Europe to the Americas and Asia. We offer a range of one-coat, two-coat and three-coat systems, covering every component in a wind turbine, from the tower and blades to the foundations, and cover all corrosion classes .
Innovative systems improve efficiency 
With innovative products – such as UHSS, a high-volume solids product that reduces drying times and VOC emissions – Hempel can help you improve factory efficiency, reduce bottlenecks and hit your environmental targets. And we have more innovations in the pipeline. Just get in touch to find out more.
Global delivery and a tailored local service 
With over 23 factories and more than 150 stock points around the globe, we can ensure your production facility has the coatings it needs, when it needs them. But if you need something special, just ask. Our local offices can tailor a solution for your specific needs.


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