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Industry leading corrosion protection for offshore wind turbines

A supplier to the offshore wind energy industry since 1991, Hempel offers a full range of high performance coatings for all parts of offshore wind turbines and blades.

The first offshore wind turbine park was erected in 1991, with turbines coated and protected by Hempel paints. Since then, Hempel has continued to develop a range of protective coatings for offshore turbines – and we now supply coatings for every part of a turbine, from nacelle to foundation and everything in between. And the wind turbines in the first offshore wind turbine park? They’re still going strong, after more than 20 years of service. 
Certified solutions for added peace of mind 
All our offshore wind turbine coatings are NORSOK certified.
Unbeatable offshore experience 
As well as experience in the wind industry, Hempel also has experience in offshore oil & gas platform, undersea pipelines and shipping. This gives us unbeatable knowledge of how to protect man-made structures from corrosion, even in tough offshore environments.
A growing portfolio of products to increase efficiency 
With an innovative pipeline of products – including new fast-drying coatings for offshore foundations – we can help you improve production efficiency, reduce bottlenecks and hit your environmental targets.
Global delivery and a tailored local service 
With over 23 factories and more than 150 stock points around the globe, we can ensure your production facility has the coatings it needs, when it needs them.


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