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Anti Corrosive Primers

A vessel’s hull is a key factor in maintaining optimum operating efficiency, safety and fuel economy - so keep it smooth and corrosion free.

An antifouling or fouling release system keeps a vessel’s hull smooth and clean, resulting in less drag in the water. This lowers fuel bills, prolongs the vessel’s in-service cycles and helps cut down on maintenance costs. But every fouling control system needs to work in tandem with a proven anticorrosion system.
Protecting your hull and your fouling control system
A well-designed anticorrosion system will provide excellent abrasion and impact resistance for the hull and fouling control system, and it will also be tolerant of any installed cathodic protection systems. For the best long-term vessel results and minimum maintenance costs, an optimum anticorrosion coating system should be chosen for the hull already at the newbuilding phase.
A complete range of anticorrosion coatings
Hempel’s range of anticorrosion coating systems covers any vessel design and operating conditions. As well as versatile universal primers designed for shipyard efficiency, it also includes specialist coatings for particularly harsh service environments, such as ice-trading and other high impact and abrasive conditions.


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