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As tough as they come

From excavators and bulldozers to trucks, trains and agricultural equipment, heavy-duty equipment and heavy-duty trucks take some real punishment.

With excellent color consistency and a durable finish that will meet even the most demanding performance specifications, our industrial coatings are engineered to give you longer product lifetimes and lower maintenance costs.

We supply coatings for almost any type of manufactured product – from heavy-duty equipment and heavy-duty trucks to general consumer products and specialized machinery. With many years of experience in industrial coatings, we will work with you to custom design solutions fit for your product or production environment. 

Why choose industrial coatings from Hempel?

Color dependability
Our finishes deliver a consistent and uniform appearance, even if your units are comprised of parts from different areas of the world.

Proven performance
Our advanced high-performance coatings are trusted to perform in harsh environments and specialized conditions.

Optimised application efficiency
We work with you to improve production process efficiency and productivity with our customized solutions. 

Global coordination and expertise
With local expertise and a global presence, we ensure you get consistent quality and excellent service in any part of the world.

Environmentally safe and energy conscious solutions
Our products meet all relevant regulations and help reduce your impact on the environment.

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To find out more about our Industrial coatings and other market offerings, you can contact us at Industrial@hempel.com

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Now available in North America. Hempatop Finish 850 HS, engineered for premium durability. Hempaprime Shield 700 HS, faster drying for fast throughput.

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